Why Ally ?

Ally is different from other organizations in a way that it is taking initiative for those who are never thought to be helped by any organization in Pakistan. Patients are never given a chance to get justice in case of any physical damage or expiry. In this case, we are the pioneers. We want to fight for all those who have faced or facing any medical mishap in their lives or in the lives of their dear ones. Everybody can contact us to get legal, moral or financial help in this regard.

Doctor-patient relations are not merely that of seller and buyer. After receiving a service, a customer merely thanks the service provider whereas the patient remains indebted to the doctor that’s why these relations have to be healthy if patients are to get good care and doctors are to work satisfactorily. For this to happen, doctors should respect patients' rights and patients should observe their responsibilities. Unexpected medical complications cannot be predicted. But they need to be detected in time, treated on the dot and a good affinity needs be established with the patients/relatives in such delicate situations.The process of opening up one's body and mind to the doctor needs proper diagnosis and treatment, and inevitably leads to doctors having an upper hand. Medical ethics demand that this medical power should be used by doctors for patients’ benefit. That is why medicine is regarded as a noble profession and doctors are considered angels. But the reality is somewhat different. There are SOME doctors who have made this noble profession a business. Their patients are ATM machines, not humans, for them. They play with the lives of their patients. Some of their patients get crippled while some expire. Nobody is there to ask them about their criminal acts. There is no punishment for them in our law till now, as is the practice is other countries. That is why we want amendments in our judicial system to get these criminals punished through legal process. If this happens, good and dedicated doctors automatically would come forward and replace them.

We need your support too. It can be of any kind. You can help us by giving donations, volunteer services or any other support which you think can help us fulfilling our cause. Be with us to create social change.