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Patients’ Rights

It is the right of every human being to live and survive. Living is a bit easy but survival is a tough job. In our country, the much neglected area to be worked on is “Patients’ Rights”. It is very unfortunate that patients are not considered humans, that is why no organization- government or nongovernment- is working for their rights. Even out judicial system does not effectively support them.

Ally Foundation is different from other organizations in a way that it is taking initiative for those who are never thought to be helped by any organization in Pakistan. Patients are never given a chance to get justice in case of any physical damage or expiry. In this case, we are the pioneers. We want to fight for all those who have faced or facing any medical mishap in their lives or in the lives of their dear ones. Everybody can contact us to get legal, moral or financial help in this regard.

It is the basic right of every human being to get justice if he/she gets any harm from any person or organization. The authorized body which can provide justice is our judicial system. But unfortunately, no special law exists in our country which can punish those doctors who are playing with the lives of their patients. That is why, the cases of Medical Negligence are increasing day by day.

Health systems can too often be places of punishment, coercion, and violations of basic rights—rather than places of treatment and care. In many cases, existing laws and tools that provide remedies are not adequately used to protect rights. In this way, sometimes, doctors commit the violation of the human rights by hiding their negligence and portraying it as a mistake.

In other countries, a Legal Fellow in Human Rights is undertaking the updating of each Guide and building the field of human rights in patient care through trainings and the development of materials, networks, and jurisprudence. These Fellows are law graduates with expertise and an

interest in expanding work in law, human rights, and patient care. Unfortunately, in our country, no such legal fellows exist who are working, particularly for Patients’ Rights that is why we have taken steps to provide legal support through our own legal cell to all those who are mishandled by medical practitioners.

We believe that we can decrease the number of Medical Negligence Cases, if:

1- Doctors are debarred for their malpractice.
2- Their License to Practice is cancelled.
3- They have to pay heavy compensations.

And all this demand a strong judicial system. For this, we are striving and struggling.
Also, in our country, people do not have awareness, resources and time to fight against criminal doctors. Here, we are helping them by providing them legal and financial support.

i) Legal Support

If a patient is wrongly treated by a doctor and he expires or have any kind of physical damage, and he or his relatives want to sue on that doctor, we will provide them legal aid through our own legal cell.

The purpose of this support is:

 To reaffirm fundamental human rights of Patients, and in particular to protect the dignity and integrity of the person and to promote respect of the patient as a person;
 To offer for the consideration of Government a set of common basic principles underlying the rights of patients, that might be used when framing or reviewing patient care policies.
 To help patients obtain the fullest benefits from their use of the services of the health care system, and mitigate the effects of any problems which they may experience with that system.

ii) Financial Support Program:

There are many people in our society who are considered a burden on their families and on society after disability. From them, some are compelled to quit their studies. Some want to quit their lives too. We want to make these people proactive members of society once again. We have developed a complete Financial Plan for them.

 Facilitate those who are going towards permanent disability.
 Financial support to victims’ families.
 Those who are student and want to continue their studies are awarded scholarships.
 Those who cannot study or do not want to study, are provided jobs or given support to run their own business.
 Special arrangements are made for their vocational training.
 Bear expenses for those who are having difficulty in treatment after wrong medication or surgery by the doctors.