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Marriyum Case

A tearful and heartbroken story of a young , lively girl who became a victim of criminal negligence of a callous doctor! (see description for details)

Maryium Sajjad is a young girl of 20, resident of Faisalabad. She is doing her graduation from Agriculture University Faisalabad in Plant Breeding and Genetics.A month back, she felt severe pain in her right arm. She was taken to Allied Hospital Faisalabad. Her x-ray showed bilateral cervical ribs (right more than left).
[A cervical rib in humans is a supernumerary (or extra) rib which arises from the seventh cervical vertebra. Sometimes known as "neck ribs" , their presence is a congenital abnormality located above the normal first rib. A cervical rib is present in only about 1 in 500 (0.2%) of people; in even rarer cases, an individual may have two cervical ribs.]

Prof. Dr. RASOOL AHMAD CHAUDHRY (Head of Orthopaedic surgery department Punjab Medical College) advised immediate operation for excision of ribs and told that otherwise it can cause damage to her lungs or arm. She was admitted on 11 Dec. 2012 in the Allied Hospital.

On 17 December 2012, she was operated by Prof. Dr. RASOOL AHMED CHAUDHRY. she was brought to her room at 2 pm nearly after a few hours surgery. when she became conscious, she told that she couldn't feel her body down from chest (abdomen and the lower limb). On duty doctor was told about that; he told that it was due to the anesthetic effect and she will be alright within few hours. But no improvement was seen in the next days.(an X-ray of her was taken after the surgery in which it was visible that the ribs are present at their previous place with no excision). The surgeon denied any mishap during surgery.

The surgeon referred her case to a neurosurgeon of the same hospital. An MRI was done on neurosurgeon's recommendation.the MRI report showed some damage to 2 thoracic vertebrae . Earlier, doctors guessed it just to be a clot formation which is suppressing the spinal cord as she lost her lower limb and abdomen sensations and movements (paraparesis). She had walked to the operation theater herself but now she couldn't even sit.

On complaint, a medical board was formed by the hospital to investigate the case which seemed to be surgeon's blunder during surgery. Again MRI was carried and a CT scan too. It unfolded the most astonishing fact: absence of more than 2/3 body of T1 and 1/3 of T2 , irregular shape of T3 with contusions of cord at respective vertebrae (according to radiologist of the hospital).

The Board referred her to an Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Amir Aziz in Lahore. During this whole period, she suffered from chest infection which caused her serious breathing issues. Her cough reflexes were not functioning properly which was a continuous pain itself. she was also kept in ICU for few days in the Allied hospital owing to her breathing problems.

Dr. Amir suggested an immediate surgery of her back bone without which there was no chance of her recovery. she was taken to Lahore in ambulance on 2nd Jan.2013 and an operation was done on 3 Jan.

Dr. Amir did Exploration, Decompression and Stabilization. After a month in hospitals, she has now returned to her home. She is on the bed from that day and moves on a wheel chair.Her lower body is still unmovable. Although, there are chances of her recovery but no one can tell whether she will ever be like before or not. The ongoing agony of her family is a separate story!

There are serious questions about Dr. RASOOL AHMED CHAUDHRY's competency and professionalism. He is one of the senior most surgeons of Allied Hospital and he also teaches at Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. The operation was of excision of cervical ribs which aren't removed, instead, he damaged her thoracic vertebrae.Why did he do so? He has turned the direction of her life and her family's life. We also know some similar cases in which the same doctor was responsible for criminal negligence. In this particular case, he has almost crippled a normal, youthful girl. We don't know exactly his true intentions but these kind of doctors must be legally tried in a court of law and sentenced accordingly. We demand a fair trial of this case and cancellation of his medical license so that no person like Maryium suffer again, ever.

We want your moral support and devoted prayers for Maryium. She wants to walk again! and IN SHA ALLAH she will!!

Do support our cause, because its not just about Maryium , rather it is about the doctors who play with innocent lives without any fear!