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Homes for Old People & Dejected Women

The relationship between parents and children is the purest form of love, care and harmony. But unfortunately, this bond of love is breaking down in recent years as people are too caught up in their lives that they cannot spare even some time for their parents. They think that parents are burden on them even though our religious and ethical beliefs do not allow us to have this kind of behavior towards our parents. Now a days, children take parents as a burden. In past, people were used to think that having elders in homes is a blessing but now the trend has changed totally as we are very much enthralled by the west where people think that having parents with them means their life is being disturbed and freedom is finished.

Morally, ethically, culturally and above all religiously, there is no concept of Old Age Homes in our society, but reality says a BIG YES. There are people who have no one left to take care of them and they are leading very miserable lives. They should be kept in Old Age Homes and given shelter, love, free health care, transportation and other facilities.

Our organization’s aim is to establish Old Age Care Homes for senior citizens. Though there are some organizations which are providing shelter for this grey hair population but they are a few in numbers and are not able to facilitate every needy person. Apart from providing shelter, we want to make society aware of the concerns of old age and promote better understanding of aging issues. We strongly believe that these people are still able to play an active role in society if they are given a chance and confidence.

Women have limited access and knowledge of the importance of their social, health, education and financial services in most geographical areas of Pakistan. Our fundamental goal is to encourage women to play a full and equal role in society by promoting and protecting the social and economic development of women who are already participating in, or wanting to participate in, the national development.

Our aim is to raise the concerns of weaker segments of society especially single mothers heading the families (divorced, separated or widows) at regional and international level for the empowerment of women. There are many who are dejected by their families and most of them have kids too. We want to support these families. The first and foremost problem of these women is that how they will feed themselves and their families, where they would live and how they will educate their kids. We want to help them either by helping them live in their own homes or if they don’t have any place to live in, we will provide them shelter along with other necessities of life as well as legal aid if needed. To achieve our goal, we want to be involved in the sectors of education, health, reproductive health, enterprise development, legal awareness and assistance.

We want to unite both kinds of people under one premises. The reason behind is that old people not only need a house to live in but also they need relations to make that house a HOME. The women and kids who are dejected by their families need parents like figures in their lives for guidance and support. By getting them together under one roof, this aim will be achieved.