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Future Plans


Education is getting out of reach of many people in Pakistan. We want to help all those who have limited or no resources for education. We will help them either by providing financial aid or by establishing our own educational institutes.

Support Program for Vulnerable Children

Our mission is to help disabled, orphaned, poor and exploited children. This will be achieved through providing, promoting and advancing children’s rights to basic necessities, including education and health care to improve children's quality of life and give them a better future. We want to bring about change for good on behalf of children and their families, and encourage them to participate in processes which enhance their equality, self-reliance and long term sustainable development and wherever possible to provide practical support which allows children to grow up within their own families and communities so that they can have the true love and maximum support of their own loved ones.

Emergency Relief in case of Natural Disaster

Our organization will provide emergency relief in the affected areas in case of natural disaster and will provide shelter to the people of these areas.

Vocational Training Programs

We will start vocational training programs to produce a skilled generation to support themselves and their families financially.

Environment Protection

We will work for environment protection as, with the increase of population, the pollution problem is getting severe day by day.