Current Work

Patients’ Rights

Our main objective is to fight for Patients’ Rights, a concept very rare in Pakistan. The first and foremost right of patients is that they and their relatives should know about the process of treatment and its pros and cons. Most of the doctors do not inform patient or his relatives what would happen after taking certain medicine or especially In case of surgery, what kind of complications a patient can have after surgery. In this way, sometimes, they try to hide their criminal negligence by just taking it as a mistake. Doctors are humans. They can make mistakes. But there is a big difference between making mistake and blunders or criminal negligence. We will fight against 2nd thing that is “Criminal Negligence” of a doctor. We want to make it sure that every doctor would provide a written document to patients’ relatives at least before a surgery in which the process and after effects of the surgery are written. By doing so, the doctor and the patients, both would be safe.

Awareness Programs

Ally Foundation is raising awareness programs to mobilize the local community regarding healthcare rights. Awareness regarding patients’ safety, doctors’ negligence, injury, lodging malpractice complaints, Informed consent, malpractice litigation, complainants’ grievance and patients’ rights is briefed during the awareness raising campaign. For raising awareness, community members, young females, parents, health care workers and community activists, political leaders, CSO representatives, lawyers, judges, media persons are consulted and briefed regarding patients’ rights. IEC material prepared is printed and distributed among targeted community to raise awareness among masses.

We are organizing conventions in colleges and/or universities to raise awareness among youth about medical negligence and its consequences. We want to mobilize youth especially for this purpose to work voluntarily to make our message reach to as many people as possible.

We are creating awareness among people through:

 Print Media
 Electronic Media
 Social Media
 Public Service Announcements
 Radio Programs
 Talk shows on TV programs
 Seminars
 Symposiums
 Walks etc.

The purpose of these awareness programs is of many folds:

 To make people aware what preliminary steps a person should take before going through a surgery or taking any medicine to escape from medical mishaps and how to maintain their medical record.
 To make them realize that if they face any mishap in their lives, do not stop living. Life can be started with a new courage and determination and we will help them in doing so. For this, we have developed a complete strategic plan how to make them sentient for a new beginning.
 We want amendments in legal process through which anybody would be able to directly go to the court for legal justice in case of Negligence by a medical practitioner. For this, we want to mobilize the whole nation to be with us to make this issue a movement.
 The knowledge and information shared with local community and civil society will help them knowing their health care rights. The awareness sessions will sensitize the local people and health care providers, that will help medical experts in overall improvement of Medicare system through attitude change and patient safety practices.

Training of legal experts regarding patient's rights

Ally Foundation is holding capacity building sessions with selected legal experts regarding patients’ rights, health care rights, legal domain and tort litigation. Consultants are hired for this purpose. The trained persons will remain in contact with Ally Foundation and will help victimized patients in filing complaints regarding medical error, preparation of legal cases, holding of legal procedures and follow up of such cases.

Engagement with legislators, Judges and political leaders for reforms

Ally Foundation is arranging meetings with local district leaders, representatives, legislators, lawyers, judges in order to involve them in reforming administrative and judicial system regarding medical malpractice and tort litigation. Political representatives, legislators and judges are consulted and meetings are organized periodically in order to get their views and suggestions on maladministration geared to serve interests of those accused of medical malpractice.

The involvement of district leaders, representatives, legislators, lawyers and judges will make them realize the severity of cases and economic loss, country is facing with. The advocacy sessions result in speedy trials of negligence cases and sensitize the judges regarding consideration of such cases even after the completion of project period.

Provision of rehabilitation services to victimized patients

Ally Foundation is providing rehabilitation services to victimized poor patients who are unable to afford the treatment or are unable to lodge complaints regarding doctors’ negligence. Identified patients are consulted accordingly and legal experts are involved to help them seek justice regarding medical malpractice. Rehabilitation services are provided to identified patients through consulted Rehab centers.

Rehabilitation is of TWO types:

 Physiotherapy
 Psychotherapy

The aim of physiotherapy is to help restore movement and normal body functions in case disability occurred after any medical negligence. Physiotherapists use a wide range of treatment techniques and approaches. Physiotherapists use therapeutic exercises designed to improve mobility and strengthen the affected areas of the body.  

The aim of psychotherapy is to resolve the psychological problems related to living with a disability. These problems manifest as anxiety, depression, and/or relationship issues. Having a disability in a society that does not value people with disabilities can be an identity issue; a disability requires of the disabled person that he/she takes a stance--whether conscious or unconscious--regarding his/her disability. Will he/she attempt to “overcome”? Will he/she fight for equal rights? Will he/she give up on their dreams? Additionally, their customary ways of thinking about themselves, their existence, and the world may just have been shattered. This is a huge blow to the psychological system. Unfortunately, it is also a shock to the newly disabled person’s support system. Often friends and family members are either flee the scene or remain supportive but act overly cheerful; insisting that the person with the new disability will soon “overcome” his or her new circumstances.

Newly disabled people sometimes feel so pressured to “pick themselves up and move on” that they do not have adequate time to grieve their significant losses and re-evaluate their lives. They may become depressed and their depression may remain undiagnosed by medical professionals assisting with their physical rehabilitation. Additionally, depending on the circumstances which caused a person to become disabled, that person may be suffering from post-traumatic stress. A counselor familiar with the psychological processes that often occur after the onset of a new disability can help the newly disabled person account and work through his/her many losses (which may include such life-changing losses as losing her profession or other previously highly valued life roles). Ultimately, the counselor can help the client to make practical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual changes that will allow him/her to live his/her new life with satisfaction.

Ally Foundation is providing both kinds of therapies to the people reaching to it. We believe that it is our moral, social and religious obligation to help these newly disabled persons to start their lives once again and be the active part of society once again.

Distribution of livelihood kits among rehabilitated persons

Ally Foundation identifies the poor disabled persons and distributes the livelihood kits among them. Victims of medical negligence are identified and kits are distributed accordingly to improve their livelihood. These aids, equipment and assistive technology such as wheel chairs, walking frames etc. are to support them with everyday life activities.

Legal Support provided to Divorce, Custody and Visitation matters

We want to provide legal, financial and moral help to those men and women who have problems of child custody and maintenance after divorce. We strongly believe in parents' rights to their children when it comes to custodial, visitation, and support matters. The same rights given to competent mothers should also be given to equally competent fathers, and it is our mission to ensure that this happens.

We believe that gender bias should be eliminated from society. We believe BOTH biological parents should be responsible for the emotional and psychological well-being of their children, as well as financially responsibility. We want to create public awareness which promotes equal rights for ALL parties affected by divorce, breakup of a family or establishment of paternity.  It is our belief through our involvement and dedication that we can have a positive effect on the emotional and psychological well-being of children.

Homes for Old people and Dejected Women under one Roof

Our organization’s aim is to establish Old Age Homes for senior citizens. Though there are some organizations which are providing shelter for this grey hair population but they are a few in numbers and are not able to facilitate every needy person. Apart from providing shelter, we want to make society aware of the concerns of old age and promote better understanding of aging issues. We strongly believe that these people are still able to play an active role in society if they are given a chance and confidence.

Women have limited access and knowledge of the importance of their social, health, education and financial services in most geographical areas of Pakistan. Our fundamental goal is to encourage women to play a full and equal role in society by promoting and protecting the social and economic development of women who are already participating in, or wanting to participate in, the national development.

Our aim is to raise the concerns of weaker segments of society especially single mothers heading the families (divorced, separated or widows) at regional and international level for the empowerment of women. There are many who are dejected by their families and most of them have kids too. We want to support these families. The first and foremost problem of these women is that how they will feed themselves and their families, where they would live and how they will educate their kids. We want to help them either by helping them live in their own homes or if they don’t have any place to live in, we will provide them shelter along with other necessities of life as well as legal aid if needed. To achieve our goal, we want to be involved in the sectors of education, health, reproductive health, enterprise development, legal awareness and assistance.

We want to unite both kinds of people under one premises. The reason behind is that old people not only need a house to live in but also they need relations to make that house a HOME. The women and kids who are dejected by their families need parents like figures in their lives for guidance and support. By getting them together under one roof, this aim will be achieved.

Special Education

An important step taken by our organization regarding education is the facility provided to special persons from their childhood. These children are divided into TWO parts.

Mild to Moderate disables:

In this category comes:
 Slow Learners
 Children having Dyslexia
 Children having Dysgraphia
 Emotionally Disturbed Children
 etc.

These children look like normal children. Just their learning capabilities are slow as compared toother students. Our target is to make them able to join general schools like other normal children.

For this,
 We will establish a panel of doctors and psychologists which will analyze the learning capabilities in these kids.
 We will train them according to their grade levels and teaching pace will be different for these kinds of children. A modified syllabus will be prepared for them according to international standards.

Severely Disables:

We will keep these children with us. As it is difficult to educate these children, we would make them able to fulfill their basic living needs. If they are able to learn some skill, we would try to develop it in them.

Rehabilitation Plan for Disabled Children:

It will include a facility which will provide them opportunities to become an active member of society. This will include teaching them:

 Everyday life skills
 Executive Skills
 Valuable Skills

Off course, a skill developed will depend on the Type and Level of the disability.

Jobs for special persons

We prefer special persons in our team so that they can be presented as ROLL MODELS to others. It is a tribute to their courage and determination. Special arrangements will be made to facilitate these people to move around without any help.